Mtn. Bike Park Information

High Point Mtn. Bike Park

The High Point Mountain Bike Park was established in 2021. The park currently includes 3 miles of mountain bike trails with a mixture of Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Racing style trails.

High Point Mountain Bike Park Rules:

  • No Motorized Vehicles.
  • Ride at Your Own Risk. Mountain Biking, like all extreme sports, can be dangerous. You are Responsible for your Own Safety.
  • Open Dusk to Dawn Only - No Night Riding.
  • Helmets Required.
  • Trails are CLOSED when Muddy or Wet.
  • Stay on Marked Trails.
  • Stay in Control at All Times.
  • Ride Safely Within Your Ability.
  • Ride Only in the Direction Posted - One Way Only.
  • Don’t Ride Alone - Bring a Riding Buddy.
  • DO NOT Modify Trails or Features.
  • Children Require Adult Supervision.
  • No Camping, Campfires, Fireworks or Firearms.
  • Leave NO Trace: Remove ALL Trash.

This is PRIVATE PROPERTY - Failure to Follow our Rules may Result in Closure of the Park. Report All Incidents: (304)284-0101.