High Point National

TimeJune 15, 2019

2019 Amateur Racing Information:

Friday, June 14 

125 All Star Racing

Friday Qualifiers will be held for this event, as the number of entries is more than 40. Friday’s program will consist of one practice session, two 4-lap Qualifiers and one LCQ.  Sixteen (16) riders will advance from each Qualifier and eight (8) riders from the LCQ. 

Saturday racing will consist of one practice session and one 4-Lap moto.  Riders will stage again at the MX Sports Pro Racing Semi.  Gate picks will be based on Qualifier results.  Remember – this is a 125cc class - no 144cc or 150cc big bores.

Amateur Practice

  • Organized Practice 9 a.m.
  • No membership necessary for practice. 
  • Fees: Practice $30/per group
  • Registration: Friday 7:00 AM @ Amateur Registration 
  • Times: 9:00 am Practice; 3 rotations. Weather permitting. 
  • Practice Order:
  1. A & B
  2. C
  3. All 85cc & Supermini
  4. Age Division (25+ & older)
  5. All 65cc
  6. 2nd Class Big Bike
  7. 2nd Class Minis 
  • 50cc practice will be held on the Pee Wee track
    9 am - end of big bike practice.
    Rotating practice every 20 minutes:
  1. 50cc 4-6
  2. 50cc 7-8

Pizza Party with the Pros

Friday Evening "Pizza Party with the Pros" for kids ages 12 & under at the First Class Zone in Sponsor Village at 6 pm. Meet some of the top 250 pro riders and the lovely Lucas Oil Ladies for some fun, food, games and autographs.


KMS Heating & Cooling Pit Bike National

  • Friday Night on the PeeWee track
  • Hosted by "Rocket" Rob Buydos
  • 2 Moto Format
  • Ages 16 and up
  • Race Fee: $20/class  
  • Registration: 5-7 pm @ Amateur Registration
  • Practice: 7:30 pm
  • Racing: 8 pm  
  • Classes:
  1. Pro Stock (no clutch & limited modifications)
  2. Pro Stock "L" (clutch & limited modifications)
  3. Open (crazy modifications)
  4. Big Bikes (TTR 125, KLX and Honda 150 Air-cooled)
  5. Grom (Similar Style/Size)

Sunday, June 16

PAMX Thor Championship Spring Series

  • AMA Membership Required (available at the track)
  • PAMX Membership optional; Required for PAMX points only
  • 2 Moto Format
  • Race Fee: $40/class; $5 discount for PAMX Members
  • Transponder Fee: $15 rental fee + $100 deposit, or $20 rental fee on a Credit Card
  • Classes: Click HERE


  • Saturday 6:00 – 8:00 PM @ Amateur Registration on Amateur Side B
  • Sunday 7:00 AM @ Amateur Registration 

Transponder Information:

The MYLAPS transponder will be used on June 16 at High Point Raceway. Each racer will need a transponder. Transponders will be available for racers to rent at the event only. To rent a transponder for the event, you may use cash, Visa, or Master Card. No checks will be accepted. There will be enough rental transponders at the track for each racer to rent. Transponders will not be available to rent online in advance for any event. More information can be found online by clicking HERE.

Practice: 8:00 AM, w/ Racing to follow immediately

Practice Order:

  1. A & B
  2. C
  3. All 85cc & Supermini
  4. Age Divisions (25+ & older)
  5. All 65cc
  6. 2nd Class Big Bike
  7. 2nd Class Minis
  8. 50cc