Northeast Area Qualifier

TimeApril 22, 2023 - April 23, 2023

Promoter Contact:
Racer Productions
Phone: (304) 284-0084
Email: [email protected]

Special Information:

1. Pre-Registration is available for this event. Sign up below!


2. This event will be also host the Fasthouse Spring Championship Series, PAMX Racing. - All PAMX classes will run in conjunction with Sunday's racing, except for the 50cc and Mini-E classes they will race on Saturday.

Gate Fees:

Admission Fees:

Thurs - Sun: $40 (Adult 12+); $30 (Child 6-11)
Fri - Sun: $35 (Adult 12+); $25 (Child 6-11)
Sat - Sun: $30 (Adult 12+); $20 (Child 6-11)
Sunday Only: $15 (Adult 12+); $15 (Child 6-11)

Race Fees:

Rider Entry Fees:

Friday Practice: $35 per group.
Racing Classes: $40 per class / $50 per A class (plus $20 MX Sports Fee)
 (MyLaps)- $10 rental fee ($100 deposit)
- Transponders can be rented with cash or credit.
- If you are wanting to purchase a transponder, you may do so at the event.
- Transponders are required for racing.

Misc. Fees:

Pit Vehicle Permits: $20 per pit vehicle
Dry Camping: Free

Practice Order:

  1. B
  2. A
  3. C
  4. 85/SM
  5. 2nd Class Big Bike
  6. 65cc
  7. Vet
  8. 2nd Class Little Bike
  9. 51cc
High Point Raceway
High Point Raceway Blake Keith

To confirm your participation in the Area Qualifier program as a qualifying rider, when you arrive to registration at the track you will purchase and fill out a $20 MX Sports Area Qualifier Entry Form for each class you are entering.