Moto 10 The Movie - Dates and Locations

TimeFriday, September 14, 2018 | 1:25 PM

The world's most progressive and timeless dirt bike film franchise returns for the final installment of the Moto The Movie series with Moto 10. Once again, captivating viewers by combining the world's best athletes, dream-worthy locations and cutting edge cinematography. We set out with one simple goal in mind: To give the viewer an uncontrollable urge to go out and ride. From summer Motos at private practice facilities, tree-dodging woods riding to freestyle trick innovation that pushes the boundaries of physics, viewers will be immersed in everything dirt bikes.

Moto 10 visits 21 cities this fall. Check out all the dates below:

Date Venue City
September 25 Yost Theatre Santa Ana, CA
September 26 Fox Theater Bakersfield, CA
September 27 Fremont Theater San Luis Obispo, CA
September 30 Harkins Arizona Mills Phoenix, AZ
October 1 Guild Cinema Albuquerque, NM
October 2 Circle Cinema Tulsa, OK
October 5 Metropolitan Theater Morgantown, WV
October 9 Irving Theater Indianapolis, IN
October 10 Parkway Theater Minneapolis, MN
October 12 Studio Movie Grill Charlotte, NC
October 13 Plaza Theater Atlanta, GA
October 16 Sun-Ray Cinema Jacksonville, FL
October 18 Galaxy Highland Austin, TX
October 23 Oriental Theater Denver, CO
October 25 Megaplex Theaters Salt Lake City, UT
November 2 Egyptian Theater Boise, ID
November 6 Historic Everett Theater Everett, WA
November 7 Alberta Rose Theater Portland, OR
November 9 Volcanic Theatre Pub Bend, OR
November 10 The Colonial Theater Sacramento, CA
November 14 The State Theater Modesto, CA


Can't make it? Don't worry if you miss it in theaters. You can grab the DVD or Blu-ray on November 4 right here on We still have copies of Moto 6, Moto 7, Moto 8 and Moto 9 if you want to catch up. Click here for those selections as well as all videos we carry including instructional DVDs.

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